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Data Processing and Interpretation


The focus of Austhai Geophysical Consultants is on providing expert advice and guidance for geophysical and geotechnical exploration programs being carried out in the mining and metals sector of the materials market as well as the Coal and Geothermal sectors of the energy market. 

Austhai Geophysical Consultants also provide a wide range of geophysical and geotechnical services to the environmental, ground water and engineering industries.

Austhai Geophysical Consultants started operations in Thailand focusing on the Asia Pacific region with long term experience in Base Metal Exploration, Porphyry Gold and Copper exploration as well as Geophysical Data Processing and Modeling services for various clients worldwide. 

Austhai Geophysical Consultants expanded its services in 2014 to also provide Geotechnical services for the Groundwater and Construction industries.

Austhai Geophysical Consultants have offices in Thailand and Myanmar as well as operations bases in Cambodia and Laos. Unfortunately, Austhai Geophysical Consultants was forced to close its Philippines office in 2016 due to a severe down turn in exploration related activity. However, Austhai have strategic partnerships with groups in the Philippines as well as Mongolia to allow them to service these markets.

Austhai Geophysical Consultants also have a MOU with Moombarriga Geoscience based in Perth, Western Australia allowing Austhai to provide Magneto-telluric services to the Geothermal energy market as well as for deep porphyry style exploration to clients in the Asia Pacific Region particularly PNG, Laos, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Austhai Geophysical Consultants have entered into a JV with Valentis Resources a Myanmar based mining services company to service the growing Myanmar market. The Myanmar JV allows Austhai to undertake exploration programs in Myanmar as well as to allow entry into the Geotechnical market in Myanmar offering shallow TDEM, DC resistivity surveys as well as down hole logging using EM, IP, Gamma, Caliper and Dual resistivity probes.

Austhai Geophysical Consultants are providing expert advice on survey design, implementation and interpretation of both geophysical and geotechnical data. The main advantages that Austhai offer are:

  • Experienced staff providing expert survey planning and field supervision
  • Experienced in planning and conducting surveys in extreme terrain
  • Experience in conducting, processing and interpreting Induced Polarization, Transient Electromagnetic, Magnetic, Radiometric and Gravity Data.
  • Experienced in planning, conducting and interpreting Acoustic Televiewer Downhole surveys for highly detailed geotechnical analysis for structural mapping and mine planning.
  • Experienced in conducting and interpreting a variety of borehole deviation probes to ensure ore body targets are met with unparalleled levels of accuracy.
  • Provide quick infield QC as well as 2D and 3D preliminary inversion Modeling to determine survey effectiveness
  • Final 2D and 3D inversions carried out in the office using UBC-GIF Inversion Software.
  • Quality interpretation and report compiling based on data collected by previous acquisition contractors, by the client or our own personnel.

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